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  1. Erken Evre Akciğer Kanseri Tanısı ve Taramalarında Nefes Havasındaki Uçucu Belirteçleri Tespit Edebilen Kimyasal Sensör Tabanlı Prototip Cihaz Geliştirilmesi
  2. MAM-Kanama Durdurucu (Hemostatik) Özellikte Biyomalzemelerin Üretim Ve Uygulama Çalışmaları
  3. COST  CA15114 Anti-MIcrobial Coating Innovations to prevent infectious diseases (AMICI) (COST Action, 2016-2020) (Working Group Leader for WG1- Antimicrobial materials Safe by Design). 
  4. Center of Excellence on Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Bioelectronics (Ministry of Development, 11 million €, 2015-2018).
  5. COST FA1202 A European network for mitigating bacterial colonisation and persistence on foods and food processing environments (COST Action Chair, 580.000 €, 2012-2016).
  6. RESFOOD - Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing (FP7 Large Collaborative, 277.000 €, 2012-2015).
  7. MycoRed – Novel integrated strategies for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in food and feed chains (FP7 Large Collaborative, 160.000 €, 2009-2011).
  8. SafeFoodERA - Food Safety - Forming a European Platform for Protecting Consumers  Against Health Risks, (EU FP6 CA Project, 36.000 Eur, 2004 - 2009). 
  9. QualityLowInputFood - Improving quality and safety and reduction of cost in the European organic and low input food supply chains (EU FP6 Integrated Project, 215.150 Eur, 2004 - 2009).
  10. HEATOX -Heat-generated food toxicants, identification, characterisation and risk minimization (AB Altıncı Çerçeve Programı - EU FP6 STREP, 176.500 Eur, 2003 - 2007). 
  11. 10.Electronic Nose Applications in Food Microbiological Analysis and Aroma Evaluation, (TUBITAK-CSIR Bilateral Agreement, Özel Nitelikili Uluslararası Proje, Merkez Projesi, 111.183 YTL, 2004 – 2007).
  12. 11.Development of Peptides and Peptidomimetics appropriated for imaging via PET/BT to reduce the need for biopsy in lung cancer (2016-2017).
  13. 12.Development of New Generations of Synthetic Anticancer Agents Against Prostate Cancer (2016-2019).
  14. 13.Development of the Poly (2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) (PEtOx) Based Multifunctional Carrier Systems for Treatment and Diagnosis of the Prostate and the Breast Cancer (2014-2017).