Critical Metallic Materials

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Value added, innovative and advanced metallic materials are the main research and development areas of Critical Metallic Materials group under Marmara Research Center – Materials Institute. Critical Metallic Materials group serving for Turkey’s scientific and technologic areas, by the research studies with universities, public and private organization aiming to achieve know-how, technology transfer and prototype productions.

Study areas;

  • High Temperature Metallic Materials; Aviation, energy and nuclear applications
  • Superalloy and Investment Casting Technologies; Vacuum induction melting, directional solidification and single crystal technologies, modeling with 3D-Printer and ceramic mold production
  • Coating technologies; Thermal barrier coating applications
  • Advanced Steel Alloys; New generation steels, advanced high strength steels (AHHS), advanced armor steels
  • Steam and Gas Turbine Materials; Stationary and rotary parts, failure analysis, prototype production
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant Materials and Rehabilitation; HPP failure analysis, destructive/non-destructive tests and consultation
  • Titanium Technologies; Implant and engine applications
  • Aluminum Technologies; Automotive alloy studies
  • Magnesium Alloy Technologies; Transportation (automotive, train, aviation), defense, electronic and implant applications
  • Welding Technologies; Welding technologies for repair applications