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Research Topics 


  • Biosensors for health monitoring
  • MEMS based cell mechanics
  • Nanowire based nanobiosensors
  • AFM for biosensing
  • Synthesis area;
  • Nanomaterials production and characterization
  • Design and synthesis of sensing, organic/polymeric materials
  • Environmental protection and pollution in the context of health;
  • Sensor systems for detecting pollution in drinking/natural water sources,


  • Mechanical studies at the cellular and tissue level
  • Mechanical studies at the joint level
  • Tissue mechanics (material characterization of biological tissues)
  • Material characterization testing (such as tensile, compression, bending testing)


  • Microbiological  Studies;
    • New biofilm model systems to study implant-associated bacterial infections
    • Mechanisms of biofilm formation by pathogenic bacteria on implant surfaces
    • Modeling the bacterial adhesion kinetics and biofilm formation on implant surfaces
    • Modeling bacterial growth and inactivation kinetics
    • Development of innovative antimicrobial biomaterials for the control of implant-associated infections
    • Development of innovative antimicrobial and anti-biofilm materials for the control of hospital acquired infections
    • Disinfection and decontamination technologies
  • Micro/nano carrier systems  

For targeted drug delivery systems;

  • Synthesis of amphiphilic block copolymers by using biocompatible or biodegradable polymers
  • Synthesis of lipid-based polymers
  • Synthesis of polymeric redox sensitive nanogels

For targeting and imaging agents for the cancer cells;

  • Synthesis of peptides
  • Synthesis of peptidomimetics
  • Synthesis of small organic molecules