TUBITAK MAM Materials Institute, visited Turk Demir Döküm Plants

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As part of the new 1003 project, "Design and Development of Regular and Open Porous Geometry High Performance Compact Heat Exchangers with Metal Foam Flow Channel" TUBITAK MAM Materials Institute researchers visited the Turk Demir Döküm Plants Inc together with international consultants and Karabük University representatives.

As part of callings for 1003 - Primary Subjects R&D Funding Program “R&D studies for the Effective Usage of Energy and Waste Heat Evaluation in Industry"; it is necessary to develop information, product / technology for the effective use of energy in industry, productivity and in particularly how to transduce serviceable energy from the waste’s in the cycle power plants (flue gas, heat, steam production, etc.).

One of the destinations in this call  is a system which increases the energy efficiency minimum 10% and the development of heat exchangers having a life of over 60,000 hours  in accordance with the national requirements.

For this purpose, under the coordinatorship of TUBITAK Marmara Research Center Materials Institute and the partnership of Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Karabük University Faculty of Technology and Turk Demir Döküm Inc, and also effective cooperation support of EÜAŞ Power Plants “Design and Development of Regular and Open Porous Geometry High Performance Compact Heat Exchangers with Metal Foam Flow Channel” project proposal was accepted.

TUBITAK MRC ME project manager Dr Levent Turhan, Dr Omer Eksik, Dr Nurettin Özbey and the consultant / researcher Professor Dr Halim Gurgenci from abroad with Prof. Dr Mustafa Yaşar who is a project coordinator and Rector Assist Dean of the project partner Karabük University and Dean Assist Assoc. Dr. Malik Cetin visited the industrial partner in the project R&D Vice President Ahmet Sen and R&D Innovation Officer Dr. Emine Cerita at the Turk Demir Dokum Inc. Bilecik Bozüyük facilities on January 6, 2016, and held a pre-contract meeting for the discussion of work to be done in the project.

In this project, it is planned to perform R&D studies for the development of metal foam and/or honeycomb structure with different production methods which will be integrated into the heat exchanger to converse a more compact heat exchanger prototype with higher efficiencies.