“Determination of Usage Criteria for Construction and Demolition Waste Recycled Products” Project on the Road for 2015 European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards

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The Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration Presidency’s (KOSGEB) national wide coordination across the Turkey "European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards" in 2015 will be judged in six categories including the development of entrepreneurship spirit, investing in skills, improving the entrepreneurship environment, supporting of the enterprises at the international level, support for the development of the environment friendly (green) market and resource efficiency and responsible entrepreneurship.

Within the scope of "Determination of Usage Criteria for Construction and Demolition Waste Recycled Products” project which is supported by the T.C. Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and managed by the TUBITAK MRC Materials Institute; cement, brick, concrete products (garden furniture, flooring, moldings, etc. .) and sample asphalt road were produced from certain amount of building demolition waste. The project has been completed with success by the cooperation and information exchange of the municipalities, building material manufacturers and providers of goods and services in this market.

For the 2015 European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards; national qualification results of total 22 projects in the category of "Resource Efficiency and Supporting the Development of Eco-Friendly (Green) Market " have been nominated as worthy as "candidate project" on behalf of Turkey and the nomination process has been officially started in the European Commission.

This year the 10th "2015 European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards Contest" will take place and the EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey will be attended with public institutions projects. At the end of the national selection processes between the candidates nominated from the each country will be announced at the event as part of the European Public Week "SME Assembly" which will be held in Luxembourg at 18-20 November 2015.

We congratulate the General Manager and staff of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation Services which supports the project and inspect it from beginning to end, our partners that we act together in every stage of the project (İSTAÇ Inc., ISTON Inc .; İSFALT Inc., AKÇANSA Inc. , IKIZLER Brick Factory Ltd. Inc.) and TUBITAK MRC Presidency and Materials Institute Management which contribute to our project with project staff and wish success in the competition which will be held in Luxembourg at18 - 20 November2015.