Super Alloy Casting Laboratory

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In Super alloy Casting Laboratory, the main objective is particularly the development of super alloys and special steels and their prototype productions that are not available in Turkey. Main research subjects are high temperature, high strength, precise and critical materials and parts. Before production, first of all the serving conditions of the parts are examined. With these examinations, proper alloy and production techniques are determined. After relevant tests, limited numbers of productions are completed.

Before production, destructive and non-destructive tests are applied to original parts. Physical and chemical examinations are carried out with also determining the material changes during service. These characterization tests guides to establish proper manufacturing methods and determine desired mechanical properties with also obtain the knowledge for producing superior materials.

Dimensioning process is carried out in 3d with scanning the original parts. Obtained data are modelled according to preliminary examinations.

Induction furnaces are used for casting process with the capacity of 25kg, 50kg and 100kg respectively and vacuum induction furnace of 40kg capacity. Some of the casting technologies are investment casting, shell moulding, sand casting and centrifugal casting. Vacuum Induction Furnaces are used for high alloy critical parts casting process. With the help of these special furnaces, casting process is completed in closed and controlled atmosphere. Preventing the reaction of oxygen with oxygen affinity elements like aluminium and titanium obtains precise and accurate alloy composition. Furthermore, vacuum induction furnaces have the capability of different solidification techniques like “Directional Solidification” and “Single Crystal” that gains superior mechanical properties.

Casted parts are examined with data and original parts dimensionally. The produced parts are applied the finishing process after the tests.

It is important to track of the parts in service conditions after the production. With the steps of production and condition monitoring customer satisfaction is ensured.

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