Sol – Gel Functional Coating Technologies Laboratory

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Sol-Gel Functional Coatings Technology Laboratory, provides  technical solutions to surface problems and contributes to the industry by developing functional coatings via  national  projects supported by large and small-scale private organizations, Ministry of Development, TUBITAK and bilateral international projects,,

The research areas of the group are functional sol-gel coatings, nano size powders, gels and ceramic membrane synthesis. The sol-gel; one of the application areas of nanotechnology,  comprises significant advantages and combinations that allow coatings of the desired shape and functionality to be made. Such coatings, create oppurtunities for metallic, ceramic, textile, paper, glass and polymeric surfaces to be coated, and the emergence of new uses for these materials.

The sol-gel group:

  • Formulates, develops and implements functional sol-gel coating systems and their application methods on the production line
  • Conducts specialty tests and measurements of coatings and paints for industry and research partners
  • Performs accelerated corrosion tests
  • Provides technical consulting services for industry