Photonic Technologies Laboratory

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Photovoltaic Technologies

  • Silicon Photovoltaics: Development of Silicon heterojunction, thin film and nanowire based solar cells, transparent conductive oxides, plasmonic structures; development of photovoltaic solar modules
  • Organic Photovoltaics: Modelling of organic semiconductor materials; synthesis of active layer and transparent electrode materials; process optimization of glass and flexible based solar cells; development of encapsulation methods and materials

OLED Technologies

  • Display Systems: Desing and modelling of passive and active OLED visualization systems; development of fabrication processes; characterization and tests of display systems
  • Lighting: Development of OLED lighting with high energy efficiency for both indoor and outdoor ambients

Thin Film Electronic Technologies

  • Thin Film Transistors:  Development of Silicon based thin film transistor matrix, pixels and display driver circuits
  • Organic Electronics: Development of field effect organic transistors, light emissive/light sensitive organic transistors