Non Destructive Testing Laboratories

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The use of non – invasive techniques to determine the integrity of a material, component or structure or quantitatively measure some characteristic of an object is called as Non Destructive testing (NDT). NDT is exactly what the name implies; i.e. inspect or measure without doing harm. NDT is always applied according to the related codes and standards.

TÜBITAK MRC NDT Group conducts R&D work and offers Industrial Services to the Turkish Industry since 1972. Besides education and training activities, the group carries out various tests based on different NDT methods, e.g. Radiography (RT), Ultrasonic (UT), Magnetic Particles (MT), Penetrant (PT) and Eddy Current (ET).

Related Industry

Every kind of metal industry (casting, forging, machining etc.), thermal and hydraulic power plants, railway, aviation and navigation sectors.