Investment Casting and Titanium Technologies Laboratory

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The laboratory has been established in second half of 1970’s and the first project made to “Makine ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu” in the year 1982. During producing some needed steel parts, an investment casting training program had also been given to MKEK personnel and a casting plant was established in Yeni Foça. 

TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center – Materials Institute-Investment Casting & Titanium Technologies Laboratory has established on 500 square meter floor. The laboratory looks like a pilot plant with so many equipment and over 30 years of experienced personnel. By using institutes test possibilities, the laboratory services on some topics both to country and abroad as mentioned below; 

  •  Technological research,
  •  Prototype castings,
  •  Limited numbers of production,
  •  Training to personnel related investment casting.

Area of Specialization:

  •   Up to 70x50x50 cm dimension complex shaped and homogenous structure aluminium castings.
  •   Making of wax dies by using of low melting alloys.
  •  Up to 15 kilograms by melting in open air; steels, stainless steels and some super alloy castings.
  •  Up to 1000 grams by vacuum & inert gas melting and casting of titanium and alloys castings.
  •  Up to 1700 grams by vacuum & inert gas melting and casting of super alloys and rare earth alloys castings.


(All the activities are listed below that all first studies for the country and most of them were cut their imports from abroad.)

  •  Casting of drill extrusion dies to MTE A.Ş. for 9 years by cutting their imports.
  •  Casting of corrosion & wear resistant cutting blades for artificial silk factory of Gemlik Sümerbank, for 4 years by cutting their imports.
  •  Gaining with a new low pressure investment casting technique up to ten kilograms of complex aluminium castings was possible, since the year 1998. 
  •  According to their standards both cobalt base and stainless steel implants were cast to HIPOKRAT A.Ş. for the first time in Turkey.
  •  Some of “Air Directive Equipment” on turbine entrances of Ambarlı Thermal Power Plant are working over ten years without giving any trouble.
  •  A project is made for a complex soldering alloy for fasten of traveller’s car cables of Bursa Municipal’s Uludağ Cableway which is also working over ten years of service. 
  •  Turkey’s first industrial scale titanium and rare earth alloy casting studies are continuing for better mechanical results.

Related Industries: Defence, aerospace, energy, health and other machinery industries.