Aluminium Process Technologies Laboratory

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R & D activities carried out in Aluminium Process Technologies Laboratory focus on the development of plate-foil and profile. One of the issues worked on recently in our laboratory, qualified candidate for use in automotive structural applications, the development of the production process of aluminium alloy sheet and profiles. Furthermore, process development, surface quality and process R & D services are provided to the aluminium extrusion profile manufacturers in the direction of increasing the efficiency.

In our laboratory, polishing unit, molding unit, and two cutting devices for metallographic sample preparation, differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) for using in thermal analysis, three microscope for microstructure studies, micro hardness measuring device for measuring stiffness, vacuum induction furnaces for preparing alloys, annealing furnaces for heat treatment applications, electrolytic polishing / etching device for etching samples, rolling mill equipment for rolling aluminium samples, high frequency induction generator  are available.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Process development for aluminium sheet / foil  and profile production
  • Aluminium semi-solid (forging / casting)
  • Characterization and analysis of aluminium  foundry  consumables
  • Development of technological processes of liquid metal aluminium
  • Measurement  of gas and inclusions in aluminium metal and alloys
  • Techniques of rapid solidification of aluminium
  • Aluminium alloys for automotive applications
  • Aluminium recycling technologies
  • The development of die-cast aluminium composites,

Case Studies:

  • Advanced Casting Technologies for Aluminium Alloys
  • Design of Grain Refiner for Aluminium Casting Alloys
  • Semisolid State Processing of Aluminium Alloys for Automotive Applications
  • Process Development for Aluminium Sheets and Profiles

Related Industry: Producers of Sheet; Aluminium Extrusion Industry, Aluminium Metal Workers; Automotive industry; Aluminium industry